Keeping It Green – Keeping it Clean

We are trying to keep the Alps as clean, peaceful and beautiful as you see it today so we are taking steps to help do so, as can you.

We’ve put in LED lighting where possible, underfloor heating in the main living area and good quality double glazing meaning that the inside stays nice and warm for our guests and it doesn’t affect the environment detrimentally.

We know you probably would have preferred guest miniatures in the bathrooms, but it didn’t sit comfortably with us to waste that amount of plastic every week so I hope you don’t mind that instead, we’ve invested in larger containers to hold the products, which whilst smell nice, more importantly, are all paraben and sulphates free

So that's what we're doing - and here are some tips as to how you can help:


The Swiss are very good with their recycling and the bins are only at the top of the driveway; they’ll recycle plastics, paper, tins, metal and food. We have provided shopping bags for your use.

Cigarette ends

All those cigarette ends are a much bigger deal when they're strewn in the alpine countryside. It's one of the most environmentally tricky littering issues there is - each filter is made of plastic, and takes absolutely forever to biodegrade. They wash away into drains, into streams and rivers, and they simply don't degrade over time. Put them out and put them in an appropriate bin, to keep that issue to a minimum. Of course, smoking is not permitted inside the chalet and we ask that you close the doors when smoking on the terrace as the smoke blows straight back in.

Dog Mess

If we have permitted your pet dog to stay, then please do adhere to our rules on where they can be and also clear up any mess outside and put in the town bins, not the chalet’s.


Every week, cleaning will be done, but we’ve left some cleaning products for you to use during your stay to ensure you are living in a clean, hygienic environment.

Unplug Everything

When it's not in use, anyway. There's no need for unused electrical accessories to be plugged in - they're still using energy, which is unnecessarily wasteful.

These are all just guidelines, obviously. But anything that helps the environment has to be a good thing, right?