Dog Friendly

Dog Friendly Chalet

We are dog lovers and want you to be able to bring your dog with you but we obviously have to exercise some discretion and so we will look at your scenario on a case by case basis to deem if this property is suitable for your pet pooch.

We provide a dog bowl, a dog treat and some dog bags to clean up after your pet as well. Most dogs prefer to have their own bedding and toys so we’ll leave it to you to bring his or her favourite things.

The rule is that dogs are only permitted on the ground floor level, with the tiled flooring, making cleaning up after long walks in the mountains that little bit easier, and dogs are not allowed on any of the furniture including the sofas. If they can’t be trusted whilst alone and can be crated, you might want to consider this as an option. If your dog has a tendency to chew furniture, then please crate or leave them at home.


We don’t charge extra for you to bring your pet, but we don't recommend that you bring more than two medium sized dogs for your break. It will be your responsibility to ensure that no damage is caused as it will be chargeable from the deposit if anything happens!

Looking After Your Dog

It’s important to keep your pet safe and comfortable when you’re in the Alps and in Chalet Amelíe. Some dogs take a little time to adjust, but they will love their holiday in the mountains once they’re settled in.

The only enclosed area is the terrace, so you would need to have them on lead in the garden and pick up any mess and take to the public bins.

Please be aware that the Swiss have strict legal requirements regarding dogs and owners in Switzerland have to have a certificate of competency to be allowed to own a dog so be mindful of your dog's behaviour when in public. Most of the Swiss cantons have regulations about dogs, particularly in relation to what they deem to be dangerous or potentially dangerous breeds (such as bull terriers, Dobermans and Rottweilers). Please be aware of this list and it may be that some breeds will need to be muzzled in public.

There is a lot of open land but also farms around, so you may need to keep your dog on lead in the mountains, especially around the mountain cows and goats.

For UK visitors only, remember you will need to book an appointment at the vets in Sion or elsewhere more than 24 hours before leaving Switzerland to ensure they have their worming tablets in good time before arrival at Pet Passport Control at Calais. Be sure to check the timeframes with your UK vet several months before your visit and of course, in order to travel, they will need their rabies vaccinations a few weeks before departure and pet passport issued if they don’t already have one.